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Arrogante Orange Chaser

  • One of the many wonderful properties of the agave flavor is that it can accompany and heighten other flavors, whether fruity or savory, without losing its unmistakable presence.

    However, the most fitting and traditional companions to tequila are the juices of the citrus fruits: lime, lemon, grapefruit and orange. These combinations are used in many popular tequila-based cocktail recipes such as Paloma or Margarita.

    While lime or lemons are the best choices to accompany Blanco or Reposado tequila, the toasted agave, vanilla and caramel notes of Arrogante Anejo are perfectly accentuated by the sweet flavor of the ripe juicy orange.

    To prepare the Orange Chaser, remove the skin from the orange. Cut the orange into ¾ inch cubes.

    Display the orange cubes on the little plate and sprinkle them with a dash of ground Mexican cinnamon

    Pour Arrogante Anejo in the shot glasses. Take the sip of Anejo and follow with a piece of orange


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Tangy and spicy, the orange really smooths out the tequila and highlights its aroma and flavor. An addition of Mexican Cinnamon brings a "sweet heat" note to this classic combination of flavors.

Arrogante Tequila