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Art and Craft of Arrogante

Tequila is more than a drink; it is a powerful symbol of Mexican identity, tightly interwoven with culture, history and folklore. It speaks of traditions and heritage, red land and blue agave fields, families and friends, love stories and songs, hard work and joyful celebrations. Even after hundreds of years, tequila still retains the magic of everything it stands for. By creating Arrogante, we pay homage to artisanal, time-honored methods of tequila manufacture and traditional craftsmanship.

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What Our Customers Think

I have tried the entire Arrogante line and could not be more impressed. Right from the nose, you can tell the quality that goes into making a craft tequila like this. Blanco is full of roasted chilies, black pepper and roasted agave. It's a great example of authentic tequila made using traditional techniques. Raymond Tostado (California)
Arrogante Reposado is an amazing example of the harmonium balance between raw agave flavors of Blanco tequila and toasty caramel and vanilla notes imparted by the wood. This is a true testament to the skills of the master distiller. From pour to finish, this tequila is a true class act.Dan Guy (Maryland)
What is not to love about Arrogante lineup? Superbly crafted, great nose, complex flavors, velvet-textured body, smooth and enjoyable to the last sip. The bottle looks fantastic as well with its elegant jewel-like design that just glows on the shelf. Perfect addition to my tequila collection! Josh Garcia (Texas)
The Arrogante line of tequilas was a revelation to me and I found that I like it much more than other ultra premium tequilas that I tasted before. I am truly impressed by Anejo. Tried it in a whiskey glass and the flavors just filled the room; it is a wonderful sipping tequila bursting with toasted agave, vanilla, caramel and floral notes. James Yarborough (Florida)


Making tequila in traditional way is not easy. Each step of the artisanal process takes time, patience, muscle. The cultivation of blue agave is a long process, that can take up to 12 years, and the harvesting is laborious. And once the agaves are delivered to the distillery, the magic of transforming them into flavorful liquor - from baking the piñas to distilling - also cannot be rushed.

100% Highlands Blue Agave

Tequila aficionados believe that the red volcanic soil of Los Altos produces the largest, sweetest agaves. While they take longer to mature,these agaves are known for their fruity taste with floral and citrusy notes.

Selective Harvesting

To produce high quality tequila, jimadores must select and harvest only fully mature agave plants. Harvesting of blue agave still remains a manual efforts, unchanged by the modern technologies.

Slow Baking vs. Autoclaves

Harvested piñas are slowly baked for 36 to 48 hours in large stone-walled ovens, called "hornos". The process converts agave starches in the flavorful sugars, which taste similar to candied yams.

Small Batch Distilling

Arrogante is distilled in small batches by using copper pot stills. The copper binds the sulfurs produced by fermenting yeast, which would otherwise make tequila bitter and not as smooth.

Arrogante is 100% Blue Agave tequila

ways to enjoy

Tequila is a part of life and cultural heritage of the people of Mexico, which has its own rituals: like that of drinking tequila in a caballito shot glass with lime and salt, and like that of sharing your favorite tequila with friends at the start of a traditional meal. Here are some ways to enjoy tequila.

  • Shots and Flights

    One of the old time favorite ways to drink tequila is to serve it in shot glasses, rimmed with salt, and accompanied with a lime wedge. Many bars offer tequila flights that allow a person to compare three different age expressions - from clean crisp Blanco to mellow Anejo.

  • Savoring and Sipping

    Arrogante tequila is designed as a sipping tequila. To appreciate the complex flavors of handcrafted liquor, try using a cognac glass or a Glencairn whiskey glass. The drink will "open" in the glass and its bulbous shape will allow you to better appreciate the complex aroma.


    One of the many wonderful aspects of the agave flavor is that it can accompany and accentuate other flavors, whether fruity or savory, without losing its unmistakable presence. Therefore, 100% agave tequila is an excellent ingredient in mixed drink recipes.

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ARROGANTE tequila is available at your favorite restaurants, bars and retailers of fine spirits.

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What Experts Say

Amber-hued Arrogante Anejo is a sophisticated gem with a velvety textured body, a caramel, vanilla and spice palate and a long, glorious finish.Robert Plotkin (The Tasting Panel)


  • El Jimador

  • Los Altos

  • Mature Agave Hearts

  • Loading the Ovens

  • Bodega

  • Wild Agave

Latest News

Tequila Arrogante was first introduced to the USA in 2011, a relative newcomer to the saturated tequila market. A lot has happened since then: hard work, perseverance, some setbacks but also many uplifting, satisfying achievements that we are proud to share - from winning important spirits competitions to innovative additions to our product line.

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It is an exciting year for Arrogante tequila. We have planned many tastings, educational tequila master-classes and promotional events. Keep in touch with us on social media to follow up the events schedule and to send us your feedback.