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Making Reposado

Margarita Cocktail with Arrogante Reposado

Reposado is an all-time favorite among tequila drinkers in Mexico. As a middle ground of three tequila age expressions, reposado tequilas can be used in most mixed drinks and are enjoyable to sip straight.

For tequila to merit a name “reposado” (rested), it must remain in wooden barrels for 60 days or more. Many high-end Reposado tequilas stay in oak barrels much longer. Arrogante Reposado is allowed to mature in oak barrels for 6 months. During this time, the wood changes the flavor of blanco tequila, mellows and alters its taste and slightly modifies the color. As a result, reposado is significantly milder and smoother than blanco and acquires a natural soft gold or clear honey coloring without losing its strong earthy baked agave flavors. High quality Reposado offers a harmonious balance between subtle oaky undertones acquired from wood and robust earthy agave taste with hints of vanilla and herbs.

We age Arrogante Reposado in the American oak barrels that were previously used in the production of bourbon and are slightly charred. Tequila is a delicate spirit. The previous use of the barrels has depleted some of the tannins from the wood, therefore the impact of the wood on tequila is more gentle and gradual. Charring caramelizes and releases sugars and other flavoring agents, allowing for subtle vanilla and caramel notes to develop.

Aging tequila is a masterful skill, one that’s more art than science. It requires many years of experience and an exceptionally keen palate to do it really well. Many factors come to play, including the temperature and humidity of the aging cellars, the type of the wood used, as well as the age and size of the barrels.

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Arrogante Reposado is aged in the imported American oak barrels previously used in bourbon production. American oak barrels are known for producing tequila with sweeter flavor than French oak and impart almond, nuts, caramel, and vanilla notes to a beverage.Arrogante Tequila

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Reposado tequila can be sipped neat, on the rocks, or mixed in the variety of high quality cocktails. For best results, try using high-quality reposado in Margarita cocktail instead of gold or blanco.