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Arrogante Tequila

Arrogante product line includes four age expressions - Blanco, Reposado, Anejo and ultra aged Arrogante Supreme Anejo as well as Arrogante Damiana liqueur. Made slowly, in the traditional way that was honed and perfected by many generations of tequileros, Arrogante offers to a discerning palate a full array of complex flavors of freshly baked agave.

Arrogante Blanco

Arrogante Blanco is pure silver tequila, which means that is handcrafted only from the juices derived from Weber blue agave. Arrogante Blanco tequila is the result of the second distillation, in particular, from the middle part of the batch, which is called "heart" or "el corazon" . It won Gold Medal from the Spirits of Mexico competition in 2013.

To ensure unadulterated authentic taste, we produce our Arrogante Blanco in small batches and bottle it fresh from the still. As a result, Blanco is bursting with peppery aromas of freshly baked agave and intense, clean, herbaceous flavors. We recommend enjoying Arrogante Blanco served in a whiskey glass over a large chunk of ice. Swirl it gently and you will be surprised by the complexity of taste and smell when tequila opens and develops in a glass. Arrogante Blanco is also great in cocktails.

  • "Fans of silver tequila will have an immediate affinity to Arrogante Blanco. Bottled fresh from the still, this tequila is redolent of black pepper and roasted chiles. It has a satiny smooth body and spicy, peppery and herbaceous palate".Robert Plotkin (American Cocktail)

Arrogante Blanco tequila

"Arrogante Blanco has big, ripe, fresh agave on the nose with a slight undercurrent of white pepper. The entry is soft with a nice mouthfeel and strong fresh agave flavor. It quickly opens up with a wide range of spice flavors including pepper, allspice, and even some woodsy cinnamon notes"

Geoff Kleinman/Drink Spirits

Arrogante Reposado tequila

Arrogante Reposado

Arrogante Reposado is rated 92 points by the Tasting Panel Magazine and is the Gold Medal winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The secret behind the success is the aging techniques developed by the distillery's el maestro tequilero.

We mellow our Reposado tequila for six months in slightly charred American oak barrels that were previously used in bourbon production. The previous use of the barrels have depleted some tannins from the wood and it results in more subtle, complex flavors of Arrogante Reposado. As a perfect middle ground between three main tequila age expressions, reposado can be enjoyed neat, "on the rocks" or in the mixed drinks.

  • "A botanical fir-tree and green-tea nose leads to clove, ginger and peppered mandarin orange on the palate. The lingering finish seals the deal on this unique and edgy newcomer. Score 92".The Tasting Panel Magazine


Altogether sublime, Arrogante is a slice of the good life.. Instant classic in-the-making.

Robert Plotkin (American Cocktail)

Arrogante Anejo

A true jewel of our collection, Arrogante Anejo is rated 93 points by the Tasting Panel Magazine ("outstanding" score) and is a Gold Medal winner from the Beverage Testing Institute (2013) and San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2014).

Arrogante Anejo is aged in small oak barrels for 18 months; during this time alcohol mellows and its interaction with wood significantly changes tequila's color and flavor profile. The result is the luxuriously smooth liquor rich in vanilla and caramel notes, which still retains its charming, honeyed baked agave flavors. Arrogante Anejo is designed to be sipped and savored. We recommend to use either Glencairn whiskey glass or a stemmed brandy glass; narrowed, tulip-shaped brim of the snifter lets the aficionado “nose” their tequila—meaning you can immerse yourself in the aroma in order to better appreciate the complex taste of the aged anejo.

  • "Amber color; smooth agave and caramel nose with floral notes; creamy vanilla and ripe, mellow, toasted agave flavors with spice and smooth, lush texture; long and rich. Score 93 ".Anthony Dias Blue

Arrogante Anejo tequila

I love this Blanco for the quality of fresh agave. You can taste the purity of the fruit... highly expressive spirit.

Warren Bobrow (Apothecary Cocktails)

Arrogante Supreme Anejo tequila

Arrogante Supreme Anejo

Arrogante Supreme Anejo is the latest addition to our product line and is the result of perfecting the aging techniques by the master distiller. This extra aged anejo undergoes 36 months of aging in ex-bourbon barrels, which allows for creation of ultra smooth liquor with a silky texture, brimming with the notes of vanilla and roasted agave. The mouthfeel is rich and creamy with long finish that just asks for another sip.

The tequila is then hand-filled into polished crystal wide mouth jars with the artful wooden boxes, sourced from Mexican artisans completing the presentation. Arrogante Supreme Anejo is best served in a snifter at or below room temperature.

Arrogante Anejo is a sophisticated gem with a velvety textured body, a caramel, vanilla and spice palate and a long, glorious finish.

Tasting Panel magazine

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