Tequila Cocktails, Shots, Flights and Bites

Arrogante Shots

  • Tequila shots have become an important part of tequila drinking customs. Often they are served with so called “training wheels”, which refers to the salt and the slice of lemon or lime taken alongside with the tequila shots. Originally this tradition was developed to mask the harsh, burning taste of poorly made tequila and to make the whole experience of drinking it more palatable.

    High quality tequilas have a sophisticated palate that is meant for savoring and sipping, but why not do some shots once in a while, if this is fun? The process is as follows:

    Moisten the back of your hand between the index finger and a thumb with a slice of lemon or lime and pour salt on it.

    Lick the salt of your hand and immediately take the shot of tequila.

    Bite into and suck the juice from the lemon or lime wedge. The salt alerts your taste buds to the oncoming flavors and the sour fruit balances and enhances the flavor of tequila.

    Serve the shots in the tall slender shot glasses, called caballitos in Mexico.

    Instead of serving the salt on the side, you may consider enhancing Blanco tequila shots by rimming each glass with a mixture of kosher salt and cracked black pepper mixed in 2:1 ratio.

    For the shots of Anejo, use the mix of equal part of sugar and ground cinnamon.


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Lemon or Lime? This is a subject of many heated discussions when it comes to the selection of the citrus to accompany the tequila shot. More delicate flavor of lime is a great complement to tequila but many people prefer lemon. At your next party, try serving both and let your quests decide what is the best choice.

Arrogante Tequila