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Arrogante On The Rocks

  • When you sip and savor handcrafted tequila, all your senses should come in play. Examine its color and viscosity, take in the fragrance, and sip while noting the nuances of entry, how it sits on the tongue, and how long and smooth is the finish. You will be able to recognize and enjoy undertones of oak, butterscotch, vanilla or caramel in Arrogante Anejo, or a clean crispy flavors of baked agave with its floral, herbal and peppery notes in Arrogante Blanco.

    You can serve tequila "neat" at a room temperature. Our suggestion, however, is to pour tequila in lowball glass or a snifter over a large chunk of ice. This is a favorite way to enjoy tequila among many "tequileros" in Mexico. Large chunk of ice will not melt fast and will not dilute the flavors, but it will bring the temperature of tequila down and will allow the drink to “open” and release all its flavors.

    First, pour some tequila in a glass, swirl around and pay attention to long oily "legs" on the sides of the glass, which shows that tequila is rich in agave oils. Evaluate the clarity and color.

    Second is the aroma or the "nose". Many people tend to smell tequila by taking a big sniff out of the glass - like they would smell red wine. But, unlike wine, tequila is 40% Alc. By Vol., so take 3 small sniffs instead. First sniff is generally taken before swirling tequila in a glass. Then swirl the liquid and take two small sniffs – one from each nostril. This way you can appreciate tequila's fruity, complex aroma without overpowering your senses.

    Then take a small sip first to adjust the palate to alcohol and roll it around the tongue, evaluating the nuances and flavors, then swallow. Enjoy!


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A good way to train your palate is to do a "vertical" flight, pouring different types - Blanco, reposado and anejo - from the same brand. Start with Blanco and proceed towards more aged tequilas to compare the taste and aroma and evaluate how the aging and oak influence tequila.

Arrogante Tequila