About Arrogante

While Arrogante tequila is a comparative newcomer to the tequila market- it was born in 1995 - each step of its production process is a result of ancestral knowledge about transcending the juice of blue agave into flavorful liquor.

In Mexico, tequila is not just the liquor; it is a way of life, an integral part of Mexican identity, culture and traditions. Tequila has inherited its name from the town Tequila in Jalisco where, according to historical records, it has been distilled from blue agave for the last four hundred years.

For many hundreds of years before the birth of tequila, agave (commonly referred to as “maguey”) was a revered, sacred plant for indigenous people of Mexico and a source of many gifts – from food, medicine and fiber to a ceremonial fermented beverage called “pulque”. It is closely associated with the ancient goddess Mayahuel, who was the symbol of the earth’s fertility, transformed into a maguey plant in order to provide people with what they needed to survive.

While indigenous people have known how to produce fermented alcoholic beverages from agave's juice in the times of Maya and Aztec civilizations, the art of distillation of fermented beverages in alembic stills was introduced in the area only following the arrival of Spanish conquistadors. When the native and Hispanic traditions joined together, the magic of tequila was born.

Elaboration of blue agave into tequila is an art and a science at the same time, each step of production process being honed and perfected by generations of “tequileros”. Traditional, artisanal production is laborious and time-consuming; it should not be hurried in order to receive superb, flavorful liquor that bursts with aromas of baked agave.

With the boom of tequila popularity in the 20th century and the rising exports, many distilleries have abandoned traditional methods of tequila elaboration. In attempt to cut costs and increase the output many shortcuts that sacrifice the quality were introduced, such as autoclaves that pressure-cook blue agave in a matter of several hours, fertilizers to jump-start the fermentation process, etc.

Arrogante tequila is born as a result of collaboration between the artisans of Impulsora Rombo distillery and Double Eagle Imports, the USA importer and brand developer, with a common vision - to introduce to American tequila drinkers authentic artisanally produced tequila.

  • “Preserving and honoring traditional craftsmanship is the cornerstone of our philosophy”. Arrogante tequila

What Our Customers Think

Arrogante has quickly become one of my favorite tequilas. I prefer aged tequilas and Arrogante Anejo is amazingly well crafted starting with a very complex nose, big on roasted agave, vanilla and floral notes, to the long, lasting finish. Highly recommended!.Chris Jiongo (Texas)
The presentation of Arrogante is a work of art. I like the wide mouth jar with a pouring spout and the flowery golden design makes the product look really luxurious. I purchased Reposado for cocktails but ended enjoying it neat. Absolutely delicious!Demeale Tanzy (Georgia)
All the line is great but Arrogante Blanco is my all time favorite. The quality of agave flavors is superb and I love the clean, pure taste and fragrance of this tequila. And talk about value! I find its quality to be as good or better than of many ultra premium tequilas that sell for almost twice the price!Agnes Watkins (Florida)
Arrogante Anejo is wonderful, full-bodied tequila, which is just bursting with flavors of blue agave and vanilla with spice and floral accents. Buttery smooth as well. The taste is not overpowered by wood like many other anejos on the market. Superb! Rodrigo Martinez (Arizona)

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